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Rug Cleaning Tips - Which Area Rug Cleaning Method is Best For Carpets?

Rug cleaning is not the same as carpet cleaning. In order to qualify as a rug cleaning company, you need to be licensed by the Rug Repair Organizations International (RNIO). If you do not have this qualification, you are not qualified to clean carpets. Otherwise, you can clean rugs yourself. This article describes how you can clean your own rugs so that you can earn money doing so.

Cleaning a rug in this manner is usually referred to as dry cleaning rugs or wet cleaning rugs. A real rug cleaning company cleans rugs in a dedicated, industrial-grade rug cleaning facility that only specifically specializes in repairing and cleaning area rugs. Wet or dry cleaning rugs are different, but they also use detergents of varying strengths. Dry cleaning rugs usually use a milder detergent, such as a monomeric detergent. Carpet cleaning on the other hand, uses stronger detergents such as xylene, which is a toxic chemical.

Steam cleaning has been around for a long time. The only advantage that steam cleaning has over carpet cleaning is that it kills off germs that may be present on your rug. In carpet cleaning, there is the chance that you will come into contact with your carpeted rug if you were not careful enough; dirt and dust can get into the seams of your carpet and enter the air. Steam cleaning eliminates this possibility.

One of the common misconceptions about this method is that it does not smell. Carpets can smell from a long way away, whereas area rugs cannot be hidden. Carpets get dirty very quickly while area rugs usually do not. With area rugs, they can sit out in the open and attract people's attention. With a carpet, you can't do that. If you have a room rug that is left out in the open, people are bound to step on it or will pass right by it every day. Visit this website and learn more on this topic here: http://cleanvillecarpetcare.com/.

As far as choosing the best method of cleaning carpets, there are two best methods, shampooing and dry cleaning. Shampooing is a more mild cleaning method, but still removes the dirt and debris from your carpet. It also works well for carpets that are heavily soiled. Dry cleaning is the most extreme, but also the most time consuming. Dry cleaning requires machines that are extremely hot, as they work by applying heat to the dirt and debris. Click on this link for more info.

This may seem like overkill when you're talking about area rugs, but it's really not. Think about how many times you walk into a restaurant or other business where the carpet is still out. On most surfaces, you wouldn't clean the entire surface with one nap or even a single stain remover, so the fact that you have to do this so often is kind of a surprise. A small area rug can easily cost hundreds of dollars, so it's important to make sure that you take care of them just like you would anything else. The longer you go without doing something to keep them clean, the worse the damage will be, and eventually it will cost you more money to replace the rug than it would if you had just cleaned it once.  Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpet_cleaning.

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